Rechtskulturen Workshop
Thu 04 Apr 2013 – Fri 05 Apr 2013

Wozu Recht? / Why Law? - Conference of Junges Forum Rechtsphilosophie (Forum of Young Legal Philosophers)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 10099 Berlin

What are the functions of law? What functions should law have? Is its primary task the maintenance and restoration of peace, the fulllfilment of other concrete aims, or the realisation of the idea of justice? How can the law do justice to its double role - the establishment and limitation of democratic self-determination? Is there not an inherent tension between the contingent nature of democratic government and the promise of legal stability? There is a need to decide - but what does this mean for the character of positive law? How far can and should legalism and legalisation go?

The biannual conferences of the Junges Forum Rechtsphilosophie, part of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) are an established forum for new and innovative research on law, its philosophy and theory, presented and discussed in German. The upcoming Berlin conference sets out to broaden both the disciplinary and regional scope of the JFR's tradition. While inviting paper proposals in German only, the conference shall transcend the limits of German-speaking academic culture and prompt transregional dialogues without flattening the plural world of scholarship on law. Rechtskulturen is delighted to cooperate in this endeavour.

A podium discussion with Rechtskulturen fellows (in English) shall add new transregional and transdisciplinary perspectives to the conference's program.

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