ASIL–ESIL–Rechtskulturen Workshop on International Legal Theory
Thu 14 Nov 2013 – Fri 15 Nov 2013

Politics and Principle in International Legal Theory

University of Michigan Law School, 625 South State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

On November 14–15, 2013, the University of Michigan Law School will host the Second Annual ASIL–ESIL–Rechtskulturen Workshop on International Legal Theory. It is a collaboration between Michigan Law School, the Interest Groups on International Legal Theory of the American and European Societies of International Law, and the Rechtskulturen Program.
Interested participants should submit an abstract (800 words maximum) summarizing the ideas they propose to develop for presentation at the workshop. Submissions of all proposals that engage the workshop’s theme are encouraged. Abstract submissions should be sent to by July 21, 2013. Successful applicants will be notified by August 12, 2013. Papers must be fully drafted and ready for circulation by October 14, 2013.
For more information please see [pdf]Download.

Final program:

Thursday, 14 November 2013

15.00–15.15  Welcome and Introductions
• Mark West, Dean of Michigan Law School
15.15–16.15Keynote Speech
• Benedict Kingsbury (New York University), ‘Law’ and Global Private Governance
16.30–18.15Panel 1 - International Legal Scholarship
Chair: Steven Ratner (Michigan)
Panellists (15 minutes each)
• Matthias Goldmann (MPI Heidelberg), Principles in International Law as Rational Reconstructions: A Taxonomy
• David Roth-Isigkeit (Frankfurt), International Law and International Relations - A Triple Agenda
• Matej Avbelj (Kranj), Global Legal Pluralism as a Principled Legal Framework
Discussant: Evan Criddle (William and Mary) (15 minutes)
Group discussion (45 minutes)
19.30–22.30Dinner at Isalita


Friday, 15 November 2013

08.30–09.00   Coffee and Continental Breakfast
09.00–10.45Panel 2 - Scholarship on a Transatlantic Perspective
Chair: Julian Mortenson (Michigan)
Panellists (15 minutes each)
• Gleider I Hernández (Durham), The Straitjacket of the ‘International’ Lawyer
• Vincent Chapaux (ULB Brussels), Normative Approaches of International Law: Haven’t We Overestimated the Divide between Europe and the United States?
• Philip Liste (Hamburg), Transnational Human Rights Litigation and the Production of Normative Space
Discussant: Marko Milanovic, Nottingham (15 minutes)
Group Discussion (45 minutes)
10.45–11.15Coffee Break
11.15–13.00Panel 3 - International Security and Theory
Chair: Alexandra Kemmerer (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
Panellists (15 minutes each)
• Will Smiley (Yale/Harvard), Inventing Intervention: The Origins and Import of a Quasi-Legal Category
• Monica Hakimi (Michigan), Jacob Cogan (Cincinnati), The Multiple Codes of the Jus ad Bellum
• Cori Zolli (Syracuse), International Law and States’ Security Dilemma: Discovering Power in Praxis
Discussant: Vijay Padmanabhan (Vanderbilt) (15 minutes)
Group discussion (45 minutes)
13.00–14.00Lunch – catered at Michigan Law School
14.15–16.00Panel 4 - Principles between the Technocratic and the Humanitarian
Chair: Sonja Starr (Michigan)
Panellists (15 minutes each)
• Leila Kawar (Bowling Green State), Technocratic Shepherding of Migrant Rights: The Power of Legalism to Reframe State ‘Interests’
• Athanasios Chouliras (Panteion Athens), International Criminal Law as a Paradigmatic Case of ‘Lawfare’
• Kristina Daugirdas (Michigan), Making the Responsibility of International Organizations Meaningful: The Practical Effects of the ILC’s Articles
Discussant: Roger Alford, Notre Dame (15 minutes)
Group discussion (45 minutes)


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