Rechtskulturen Colloquium
Thu 10 Oct 2013 | 18:00–20:00

Knowledge That (Net)Works - An Evening with the Rechtskulturen Fellows 2013-14

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Juristische Fakultät, Room E25, Unter den Linden 9, 10099 Berlin

Rechtskulturen cordially invites you to the inaugural event where the seven new Rechtskulturen Fellows 2013-14 will introduce themselves and their research projects to the academic public:

  • José-Manuel Barreto: Re-contextualisation of Human Rights and Critical Dialogue: Human Rights beyond Eurocentrism
  • Shakira Bedoya Sánchez: "Exhuming Truth”, Constructing Evidence. The production of forensic knowledge in post-conflict Somaliland and Peru
  • Anne Clément: The Criminal Courts of Colonial Egypt and India (1862-1919): Legal and Normative Pluralism in Context and in Action
  • Philip Liste: Transnational Human Rights Litigation and the Politics of Space
  • Larissa Vetters: Fragmented Sovereignty and Census Projects: The workings of law in the production of population knowledge, political community and statehood in the European Union and in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Maaike Voorhoeve: Constitutional debates in post-revolutionary Tunisia: Identity construction and the position of international human rights law
  • Ismail Warscheid: Islamic jurisprudence and the making of social order in the central and southern Sahara between the seventeenth and nineteenth century (far south of Algeria, Mauritania, northern parts of Mali)


The format of the event will be “speed networking” that allows for quick encounters and interesting discussions:

  • Seven Rechtskulturen Fellows introduce themselves and their projects simultaneously in 5-minute presentations at their own tables. As a participant, you will thus need to decide on a fellow and project that is of interest for you.
  • After the presentation, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss your related questions with the fellow, find out common interests and network.
  • After 15 minutes, you will hear a gong, which invites you to change tables.
  • At the new table, the project presentation of another fellow and the subsequent discussion are repeated.
  • Overall, there will be three rounds of speed networking.
  • After three rounds, you are invited to join our reception that will allow for more conversations and in-depth discussions.   

Please register until the 4th of October 2013 by sending an email with the subject header: “Knowledge That (Net)Works” to

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